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Tourism in Spain is back: Spanish Borders are open as of the 21st of June!

15 Jun
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Borders are open to Foreign tourists from Europe as of the 21st of June!

The Spanish first minister gave this great news:

  • both EU states and Schengen area countries would see borders with Spain reopened from June 21.
  • Only Portugal will keep its border closed (on request of Portugal)

Of course this situation could change quickly and you should follow the news.

So, let’s enjoy Spain… the world’s healthiest country.


Why is tourism booming in Spain?

Last year, 84m tourists visited Spain, read our paper of February 2020 (just before the Coronavirus) to understand why tourism should come back quickly to Spain.


Are you planning to visit Spain soon?

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Don’t neglect the basic recommendations to keep yourself and others safe:

                  • maintaining a social distance of 2 m, 
                  • regular hand washing, 
                  • cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, 
                  • avoid touching your face after touching hard surfaces where the virus can live.


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